Liberate Your IT Operations Data

Enterprise IT plug-and-play data streaming, so you can focus on your most important work

Finally, Enterprise Data is Useful and Actionable

When you enable full-stack, enterprise-wide visibility with plug-and-play data streaming

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StreamWeaver's Easy Integration Platform connects and streams data between the most popular IT tools in near real-time. Liberating IT Operations data accelerates AIOps initiatives, provides DevOps with event-driven automation, and provides IT with end-to-end observability. 

Plug-and-play, means that integrations happen in just minutes, reducing the cost of integration, while delivering a better solution. 



StreamWeaver Platform Diagram


Enterprise IT Complexity


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Automate and Make Integration Easy

Building your own API-based integrations across this matrix is nearly impossible, but with StreamWeaver:

  • Radically increase service availability by consolidating all your siloed monitoring data together from any cloud and any premise
  • Integrate monitoring data from anywhere; on-prem, cloud or hybrid to finally achieve AIOps initiatives
  • Rapidly migrate to the cloud, with confidence, because your monitoring tools will continue to work in a hybrid environment
  • Reduce the cost and effort of building and maintaining integrations by a factor of 10 (or more)
  • Free up expensive and overcommitted development resources from low-value integration work
  • Innovate faster through quicker adoption of new monitoring technologies because you don’t have to worry about integration
  • Deploy on SaaS, Hybrid or On-premises

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We integrated all our monitoring tools including DynaTrace, Oracle OEM, SolarWinds, and MicroFocus OBM. We simply deployed StreamWeaver on AWS, and that allowed us to achieve a much faster time to value — deploying in days instead of the year we forecasted and saving 91% of the budgeted cost. We now have an end-to-end view, that helps us troubleshoot, understand, and explore the monitoring data that is coming out at an increasingly rapid rate from all systems and applications.

Sr Manager IT Operations, Enterprise Monitoring Service

Built for Scale, Security and Stability

  • Scalable: Infinitely scalable and never the bottleneck.
  • Highly Available: Container-based auto-scaling and enterprise disaster recovery ready
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Caching in Kafka and auto-throttling until systems are caught up and ready to collect or receive data without being overwhelmed
  • Circuit-Breaker: Failure prevention that breaks the connection and sends an error message
  • Data-Resilience: Ability to duplicate sources and destinations means your data can get there reliably and you can de-duplicate when needed
  • Security: Ability to secure data to the full capability of the integrated tools

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