ServiceNow Integrations


Regardless of whether you company has chosen to use ServiceNow as your ITSM or Event Management tool, StreamWeaver provides a simple and painless integration into ServiceNow, allowing you to have a simple way to satisfy most (if not all!) of your event integration needs.  StreamWeaver's point and click integration platform allows you to quickly send alerts to ServiceNow's Incidents or Event Management modules, no need for custom coding or consulting to set it all up.

Get the data you need into ServiceNow to create automated IT workflows with plug-and-play integration made so easy that you can connect all of your IT data in just minutes. With StreamWeaver integrations aren't just fast, they are scaleable, secure, and stable to meet our customer's —some of the world's largest organizations —  needs. Put an end to brittle, one-off, do-it-yourself integrations. Available integrations include: 

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