For ISVs

Easily Ingest Data for Less than You can Build it Yourself


Build a better integration product that costs you less

Most AIOps and Observability tools just scrape the surface – collecting less than one-third of the available IT Ops data. That’s not a surprise when data ingestion is a nearly impossible matrix but let's face it, your customers expect you to deliver integration capabilities and to keep them up or risk breaking their systems. Let us show you a better way to deliver – the StreamWeaver Easy Integration Platform. 








Make Integration Easy for You and Your Customers

Building your own integrations is bad business

  • Remove the cost of delivering and maintaining integrations
  • Increase the number of integrations to be more competitive
  • Keep your developers focused on your product not integration
  • Deliver POCs quickly and smoothly without having to send developers on-site for one-off integrations
  • Accelerate implementations so your customers realize value faster
  • Integrate more data sources to sell more licenses


The Easy Integration Platform


Built for Scale, Security and Stability

Like you, StreamWeaver is enterprise ready so your product will always have the data it needs. 

  • Scalable: Infinitely scalable and never the bottleneck.
  • Highly Available: Container-based auto-scaling and enterprise disaster recovery ready
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Caching in Kafka and auto-throttling until systems are caught up and ready to collect or receive data without being overwhelmed
  • Circuit-Breaker: Safety net for your system by breaking the connection and sending an error message
  • Data-Resilience: Ability to duplicate sources and destinations means your data can get there reliably and you can de-duplicate when needed
  • Security: Ability to secure data to the full capability of the integrated tools









Completely White Label

Customized for your brand and a seamless customer experience

A good UX|UI experience means that your customers never feel a transition between your tool and your integration services. StreamWeaver is a fully white label solution where we are transparent and your brand shines.

  • Your logo
  • Your colors
  • Your sources
  • Your topography
  • Or make it completely your own with full API control