Enterprise-Class Integration

Highly Available and Scalable



StreamWeaver is repeatedly and regularly tested to demonstrate the ability to securely process tens of thousands of data records (events, metrics, logs, and topology) per second with no single point of failure. It is designed to scale along with data and traffic growth to reliably support your mission-critical operational management tools.



  • K8s container-based deployment option
  • Ability to add nodes for horizontal and linear scalability
  • Automated failover of all components provides High Availability
  • Infinite capacity using sharding – nodes, containers & JVM
  • All persistence is replicated, and Kafka is clustered across all the nodes
  • Automatic load balancing manages large volumes and event storms
  • Full support of Disaster Recovery with features like auto export and sync for DR sites

Data Filtering and Masking



Reduce data transfer and storage costs by only delivering operationally relevant data. Protect vital data by filtering out data fields or by masking personally identifiable information and sensitive business data.



  • Reduce the load on your destination server by filter data at the source
  • Reduce costs when your destination tools include charges based on data volume
  • Reduce storage and licensing cost because StreamWeaver filters irrelevant data
  • Mask sensitive data such as IPs, Mac Addresses, and PII. Data is masked in memory and never persisted at any point

Guaranteed Delivery and Throttling



Ensure your source data is delivered to your destination systems by buffering data flows when source or destination systems can’t keep up.




  • Automates handling of failure scenarios with persistence, acknowledgement, auditability, and replication based on best practices developed over the past 7 years
  • Prevents overload of source and destination systems with automatic exponential back-off and recovery and configurable circuit breakers
  • Leverage RestAPIs to ensure guaranteed delivery
  • Optionally, use our Webhooks (not guaranteed) for send and forget if the business requires it




Your sensitive operational data is kept secure with multiple layers of enterprise-class security that protect the platform and processes.  



  • End-to-end encryption
  • All sensitive information is encrypted on disk
  • Ability to mask sensitive data
  • Role-based user authentication
  • Secured and limited access to end users
  • Tenant data segmentation ensures that data is kept separate
  • Deployment on AWS/SaaS allows you to benefit from the additional security features provided by Amazon

Data Replication



Collect data only once, and syndicate it out to multiple destinations. This maximizes throughput, and prevents the overloading of source systems, so there won’t be any impact on data delivery.



  • Leverage the Kafka architecture that enables multiple consumers to subscribe to a single source
  • Replicate data from one source to multiple destinations or from multiple sources to one destination
  • Reduce long term storage and license costs of source systems by duplicating data to lower cost data stores / lakes


Flexible Deployment



You can deploy StreamWeaver where-ever and however it best supports your business. For customers, StreamWeaver’s flexible deployment operates a bridge between customers hybrid cloud environments allowing them to leverage their existing IT tool deployments as well newly deployed tools whether in the cloud or not.



  • Multiple deployment options – SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem
  • Runs standalone on a single server or in a container-based Kubernetes deployment
  • Alternatively, operates in our customers private VPC segment, hybrid, SaaS, and on-prem
  • StreamWeaver acts as the mediator for all your tools, whether they are in the cloud or not
  • Easily change tool vendors or hosting locations in a single, easy to configure location

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