The Single Pane of Glass No Longer Makes Sense

By David Levy

The single pane of glass (SPOG) was, and still is, the desire of many IT Operations Management organizations who encourage all users to adopt a uniform solution. Unfortunately, many find that this approach generally falls apart when you try to force people with diverse goals to utilize a SPOG within a single “uber-tool”.

We believe IT operations professionals have been looking at this problem from the wrong perspective. Getting everyone to use the same tool is likely to be as successful as trying to get everyone in a group to agree that iPhone is better than Android, or vice versa.

Things have already moved far to the other direction -- towards diversity in the way data is consumed. A best-of-breed approach, of using the right tool to address a specific challenge is going to beat an all-in-one solution any day.

The time is right for a new paradigm. If we can move towards an approach that enables domain-specific monitoring tools to easily feed data into a diverse array of platforms for analysis and visualization, then, we are more likely to achieve the goal that has seemed mostly unattainable - immediate situational awareness and ability to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently without the need for IT teams to change out the tools they use on a day-to-day basis.

This Multi-Pane of Glass (MPOG) model puts you back in control of your data, and lets you use your choice of purpose-built tools — if you’re able to integrate them all. To make MPOG a practical reality, you’ll need a flexible integration platform built to work with industry leading tools out of the box. OpStream is the only enterprise grade platform that can make that a reality.

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David Levy

Written by David Levy