New Splunkbase Apps Enhance Data Visualization and Exploration

Get more out of your Splunk deployment with 8 newly published, free Splunkbase apps that help you to better explore and visualize your IT data get to answers faster, take action quicker and inform business outcomes with your data. 


New Splunkbase Apps

Today's enterprises are experiencing an exponential growth of machine-generated data from the websites, applications, sensors, IoT devices, and more. The ability to search, analyze, and visualize such information is key to driving accurate data-driven decision-making. As such, Splunk has become an indispensable tool for many.

The challenge is to synchronize all the data from various platforms with Splunk in near real-time so you can maximize responsiveness. Such enterprise-level integration not only needs to be reliable and resilient but should also be highly scalable and provide a high level of security to ensure that sensitive data is protected while in transit. StreamWeaver makes integration of your IT data into Splunk so easy, you can be streaming data in minutes rather than months.

8 New (Free) Splunkbase Apps

Splunkbase_DashboardStreamWeaver is now offering 8 free apps on Splunkbase − augmenting StreamWeaver’s data integration − and making your enterprise data more useful and actionable. These new apps feature enhanced content and dashboards that allow users to easily visualize and examine data across the different StreamWeaver integrations. Apps are available for APM (Dynatrace, AppDynamics, & New Relic), Oracle, AWSSolarWindsDynatraceVMwareAppDynamics, New Relic, and StreamWeaver Explorer (coming soon).  With these apps, along with StreamWeaver, you can apply predictive analytics to your IT data, correlate it with your other IT data in Splunk and visualize outcomes. Explore the many other StreamWeaver – Splunk integrations.

These apps support the current release of Splunk (including cloud) and are backward compatible. They work with the free trial which can be enabled on the AWS Marketplace or by requesting it directly.

Discover how plug-and-play data streaming from Streamweaver, together with the enhanced content and dashboards from these apps, makes it easier to analyze, interact and take action on even your most complex data. Try out our latest apps on Splunkbase.    

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