Congratulations to the J9 Support Team

By David Levy

Here at StreamWeaver, we’ve always prided ourselves on the level of support we offer our clients, but what does that really look like? We’ve recently compiled some statistics on our performance that we think you’ll find interesting.

We Beat Our SLA's

Our Average Response time for all severity level tickets over the last 3 years? 6 minutes. For reference, our minimum SLA is 1 hour for critical severity tickets, so we’re consistently beating our own best estimates. But that’s not all - our average time to assignment of tickets to an engineer actually working the case over the last 3 years? Also 6 minutes. In the past three years, we’ve met our SLA’s 100% of the time.

What Sets Us Apart?

Fast response times are critical — but so is who’s doing the responding. Our support team is 100% onshore, and the person responding to your request will be the one who’s most qualified to solve your specific problem. All of our Support Engineers are Senior level or above, so there’s no time wasted or the need to escalate a ticket to someone who is capable of handling it. And all non-bug escalations go directly to the J9 consultants you know.

Dedicated To Excellence

We’re proud  of our team’s hard work and dedication to solving the most challenging IT operations problems. Whether you’re looking for a strong ROI on your software purchases or want to experience the value-add that StreamWeaver can offer, we’re ready to help. The bigger the challenge, the more interested we are in architecting a solution.


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David Levy

Written by David Levy