Announcing StreamWeaver Now in AWS Marketplace

StreamWeaver is now AWS technically validated, follows AWS best practices, and is available in AWS Marketplace.


89%1 of CIOs say digital transformation has accelerated in the last 12 months. 58%2 expect the trend to continue going into 2021 and 86%3 are using cloud native technologies that transform the way applications are developed, delivered, and operated – creating increasing complexity for the teams responsible for maintaining them. Each application is deconstructed, possibly into dozens of microservices, creating a complexity of scale for operations teams. Add in legacy applications, and teams now face huge volumes of operational data they must juggle across an average 104 monitoring tools in order to find and correlate the data that matters, or to find and resolve issues.

Which is why we are pleased to announce the launch and technical validation of our public listing of StreamWeaver in AWS Marketplace. This listing also enables us to sell our StreamWeaver through AWS Marketplace Private Offers. Buying through AWS Marketplace creates more buying options for customers and enables AWS customers to quickly purchase and deploy StreamWeaver’s plug-and-play integration solutions while centralizing billing through AWS. For AWS customers participating in the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), purchasing StreamWeaver through AWS Marketplace can drive additional benefits and potential savings with AWS, as a portion of the cost of StreamWeaver can be applied towards the overall annual spending obligations with AWS. StreamWeaver offers a 30-day free trial through AWS Marketplace.

Why StreamWeaver?

Whether you are deploying AIOps, observability, advanced IT analytics, decision support, IT orchestration and automation, security operations, or visualization tools, getting the maximum value is directly related to the breadth and depth of integrated operations data. StreamWeaver integrates the valuable data from disparate systems so easily you can connect your tools with these solutions in minutes rather than months. StreamWeaver makes your operations data actionable and useful — regardless of whether the data is in the cloud, on-premises or a mixture of both. With StreamWeaver:

  • Radically increase service availability by consolidating all your siloed monitoring data together from any cloud and any premise
  • Integrate monitoring data from anywhere; on-prem, cloud or hybrid to finally achieve AIOps initiatives
  • Rapidly migrate to the cloud, with confidence, because your monitoring tools will continue to work in a hybrid environment
  • Reduce the cost and effort of building and maintaining integrations by a factor of 10 (or more)
  • Free up expensive and overcommitted development resources from low-value integration work
  • Innovate faster through quicker adoption of new monitoring technologies because you don’t have to worry about integration, and integrating new tools will be significantly easier

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1-4: Observability, automation, and AI are essential to digital business success. Dynatrace. 2020.

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