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To populate the Splunk dashboard, you will need to install SteamWeaver

The value of Splunk is directly related to the breadth and depth of available operations data. Complimenting Splunk's Universal and Heavy Forwarders, StreamWeaver’s integration automation platform quickly and easily feeds events, metrics, topology and log data from 3rd party tools like AppDynamics and Solar Winds into Splunk.

The StreamWeaver app for Splunk is a dashboard that allows you to visualize 3rd-party operations data streamed, real-time, into your Splunk instance. This customizable dashboard enables you to easily display detected problems and anomalies across your IT landscape. To use the Splunk dashboard, you will also need StreamWeaver to deliver data. Contact us to arrange a 30-day free license.

Automated Integrations: Multiple Tools to Splunk by StreamWeaver

Liberate Your Operations Data ... Shift to Full Stack Visibility


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micro-focus-APM MF-NNMi MS-SCOM  solar-winds Net-IQ vmware-vROPs AWS-CW new-relic
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