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read the press releaseMaximize the value of your IT Ops Data. In just 3 minutes you can access normalized operations data from across the IT ecosystem, scaling your CA Operational Intelligence investment with StreamWeaver. StreamWeaver is the “easy button” to stream event, metric, log, and topology information from application, network, storage, database, cloud, and other siloed IT operations domains into AIOps, advanced IT analytics, decision support and visualization tools in a simple, scalable, resilient, and easy-to-configure way. 

CA’s Operational Intelligence (CA OI), part of CA’s AIOps platform, helps users make smarter, faster decisions. Machine learning–driven analytics and out-of-the box visualization and correlation, help CA’s customers to increase system availability and drive down the cost, complexity, and time required to restore availability — but maximum value is directly related to the breadth and depth of integrated operations data. 

Beginning in Q4 of 2018, CA Technologies will provide CA’s Operational Intelligence customers with a license of the StreamWeaver Platform, allowing CA’s customers to get integration benefits at no additional cost. Initially supported is an on-premise consumption model, the partnership will expand with the introduction of a SaaS delivery option in Q1-2019.

General features of the StreamWeaver platform include:

  • Keep current updates for all third-party version releases
  • Easy-to-use GUI interface requires minimal effort to create new integrations
  • Avoid the expense and opportunity cost incurred with build and maintaining your own brittle integrations

Data Types Integrated:


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3rd Party Data Streams Integrated into CA Operational Intelligence ... in 3 Minutes! 

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Features of StreamWeaver Platform

Wizard-driven interface

Quick and easy to set-up connections between your operations management tools.

Data mediation and normalization

Seamless integration of all relevant metrics, events and topology between platforms that aren’t natively designed to work together.

out of the box integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations

Tie together all the top monitoring, analytics, event management, automation, service management and visualization systems.

Distributed processing

Hybrid cloud ready with local data extraction and secured/ reliable transmission of sensitive data. No single point of failure.

Real-time streaming architecture

Bi-directional flow of data to assure all your systems are in sync. Coordinate numerous monitoring tools with your management and analytics engines simultaneously.

enterprise grade

Enterprise grade

tested to securely process tens of thousands of events and metrics per second.


What Analysts Are Saying

Roy Illsley

Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions Ovum

OpStream connects data across tools, empowering event management using all the data available. It includes many standard out-of-the-box integrations with leading IT operations management tools to accelerate the time to value.

Dennis Drogseth

VP of Research
Enterprise Management Associates

…getting relevant data across multiple sources often remains the number one challenge to dvanced IT analytics.Well integrated data and analytics…has become a truly transformative investment.

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