A Tale of Two Companies

Our mission is to make integration so simple that anyone can integrate anything in a matter of minutes — liberating siloed data so it instantly becomes actionable and useful to the enterprise.

We began as a team of world-class consultants, focused on improving large enterprise IT productivity and performance issues through integration – the company was then J9. Over-and-over we would connect and then update IT integrations for some of the world’s largest (and complex) enterprises. It didn’t take long to recognize one-off manual integrations for what it was — as a flawed model; expensive, brittle and unmaintainable. Realizing that we could better serve our customers with a product, rather than services, we began to invest in what would become StreamWeaver.

Our mission was to make integration so quick, affordable, and reliable that anything and everything could be integrated. In 2018, we spun-off our professional services business to focus solely on development of an enterprise-class integration platform. We then re-branded the company as StreamWeaver. Now, the company is entirely focused on helping enterprises achieve their end-to-end observability, AIOps, cloud migration and cost reduction goals with integration made so easy you can connect your tools in minutes rather than months.

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Meet the Team

Clay Roach

President and CEO

Clay, is the founder and CEO of StreamWeaver, a spin-off of a systems integrator, J9 Technologies, he also founded. With J9, Clay helped the world’s largest enterprises fight production outages and performance issues – and during this time invested in developing the streaming platform that became StreamWeaver. He now works with enterprises to integrate IT data from anywhere to help deliver on AIOps, observability, migration and cost reduction initiatives. Previously, he worked for Mercury Interactive. Clay was graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Computer Science. He lives in Seattle and spends the rest of his time kitesurfing, cycling, and snowboarding.

Al Wasserberger

Executive Chairman

Al is an industry veteran executive and advisor with more than 25 years of experience building, funding, buying, and selling companies. A serial entrepreneur, he founded PDM Engineering (acquired by IBM) and Spirian Technologies, an early IT operations software company in 1996, which he scaled to the INC 500 level before selling the company in 2003. Prior to Spirian, Al founded Premonition Software which developed revolutionary neural-network based software and related products for the auto racing industry. As COO and later CEO, he led J9 Technologies through multiple transactions including the sale to and buyback from Axxiome, as well as the final sale to Foulk and the related spin out of StreamWeaver. Currently, Al is focused on building go-to-market relationships with software industry leaders and strategic marketing. Al fancies himself a decent poker player and is a huge Chicago sports fan. In his spare time he runs a YouTube channel for smoker and BBQ fans.

David Pennell

Vice President, Software Engineering at StreamWeaver

David’s primary focus is developing and supporting the StreamWeaver Integration Platform. Prior to StreamWeaver, Dave was Principal Architect & Development Manager for Network Performance Management solutions at Persistent System. He was also Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM’s Tivoli CTO office. David was graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He enjoys outdoor activities, boat building, landscaping and entertaining his grandchildren.

Carly Campbell

Director of Finance and Administration

Carly is the Director of Finance and Administration at StreamWeaver. She manages the company’s finance and accounting functions as well as serving as StreamWeaver’s operations and human resources leader. Carly has spent 20 years in a variety of service and software companies working directly with senior leadership and owners. She takes pride in efficient systems and effective policies. Carly is an animal lover hailing from the Steel City of Pittsburgh. If the Pittsburgh Penguins are not playing, Carly spends time with her young family enjoying the outdoor activities that Pennsylvania offers in abundance.