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Our History

Our History

StreamWeaver has been creating and implementing IT ops solutions since 2005.

StreamWeaver quickly became a trusted ITOM leader, regularly tapped by large enterprises to solve their most difficult challenges.

We started as a systems integrator, using a team of world-class consultants to connect best-of-breed ITOM solutions as professional services engagements. Through the process of doing this over and over again we came to realize that it would be more cost-effective for our customers to have an off-the-shelf product to make the integration process more efficient.

Launched in 2014, our first-generation software, Accelerators, achieved the goal of streamlining the mediation and normalization of data between tools that were not natively design to connect, on a one-to-one basis. Released in 2017, our next-generation software, the StreamWeaver Platform, is a powerful IT solution which achieves a wizard driven, real-time, scalable, many-to-many integration capability.

In March 2018, we announced our intent to spin-off our Professional Services business and merge it with Foulk Consulting, in order to focus on our Platform as a standalone software company. At the same time, we re-branded from J9 Technologies to StreamWeaver.

Values & Mission
From its founding, StreamWeaver has always recognized the need to focus on the impact IT has on day-to-day business operations.

We believe it should be easy to quickly integrate all your disparate IT operations tools with an enterprise grade solution.

We understand the pain of our enterprise customers, the worries that keep them up at night, and the problems that jeopardize their business operations and reputations. We live to erase those concerns and enable members of IT departments everywhere to breathe easier.

Company Experience
When it comes to IT operations management at large enterprises, you want those grizzled veterans who have been there and done that to be on your side.

That’s precisely what StreamWeaver brings to the table. Led by ITOM pioneers, Founder and CEO, Clay Roach, and Executive Chairman, Al Wasserberger, StreamWeaver fields a team of experts broadly recognized as the best in the industry.

Simply put, we are what IT operations managers graduate into: Veterans who can apply lessons from years of experience to improving how the diverse tools of your IT operations are managed.

Get Control Over Your IT Operations
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