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Accelerate AIOps 

Most enterprise IT leaders are now approaching AIOps with lofty expectations, approved budgets, and the new mandate to make it all work. One vendor approach is to deliver a single, expansive platform that works well (or only) with tools from their own platform. The more popular alternative, for good reason, is to integrate from the multitude of IT software options. This allows you to use the best-of-breed systems you already have in place, as well as new technologies that will certainly evolve or be introduced — as you want to — as opposed to when it makes it to the roadmap. 


Within minutes of deployment, StreamWeaver will connect your existing monitoring tools with your AIOps platform to immediately begin streaming event, metrics, log and topology data. 

  • StreamWeaver's plug-and-play capability significantly accelerates your time to value with AIOps.
  • StreamWeaver protects your ability to change vendors, whenever you want, enabling you to pick whatever is best in this ever changing market.

Cloud Migration

When you want to migrate a business system to the cloud, whether you are migrating existing applications and data from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, or integrating SaaS applications with on-premises applications and data, or connecting cloud-native applications across on-premises and cloud environments you require visibility and control. StreamWeaver rapidly integrates IT tools by distributing valuable data into visualization, advanced analytics and AIOps tools to keep your monitoring tools aligned with your cloud-based applications


StreamWeaver helps by:

  • Collecting previously mapped topology from existing systems into a complete CMDB so you don’t have to start discovery from scratch. 
  • Streaming data from on-prem tools to cloud tools 
  • Assisting hybrid deployments by collecting monitoring data wherever it is and making it visible in a single cloud or on-prem tool 
  • Migrating from an on-prem manager of managers to a cloud-based manager of managers by making data available to both tools at the same time.

DevOps Event Automation

Onboarding applications is a time intensive process for already overloaded monitoring teams. Using StreamWeaver, you can automate and push event configuration to the application teams, putting the configuration inline with iterative development process. From there, all of the logic for prioritization, routing to the appropriate systems, and notifying the right people is automated by StreamWeaver.


Using this approach, DevOps teams become engaged in the monitoring deployment process. The monitoring team can set it and forget it rather than acting as the middleman performing a series of manual processes. StreamWeaver: 

  • Automates onboarding activity, releasing monitoring teams from ongoing manual configuration
  • Brings monitoring inline with iterative development processes and puts event authoring closest to those who have to act on it


End-to-End Observability 

The adoption of digital transformation by enterprises has resulted in innovations that speed development and delivery of software but have also significantly shifted how modern applications are built. Multi-cloud computing, containerization, container-orchestration and agile development processes have enabled wide-spread adoption of microservices architectures.  

While this solves one problem, the application architectures have become far more complex requiring something more than traditional monitoring.  



StreamWeaver rapidly integrates new and legacy systems to give you the data you need for end-to-end observability of your applications. StreamWeaver: 

  • Provides plug-and-play capability allowing you to quickly gain insights from your existing tools 
  • Enables you to onboard new tools faster and more reliably by duplicating data that allows new and old tools to co-exist during deployment 
  • Protects your ability to change vendors, whenever you want, enabling you to pick whatever is best in this ever changing market

Reduce Cost

Each one-off API-based integration consumes scarce, valuable developer time, and most organizations have a large and complex matrix of tools to integrate. What’s more, they are brittle, most not being designed for scale, security, or even stability. Every time an API is updated the integration needs attention. It’s a little like painting the Golden Gate bridge, when you get to the end you have to start all over again. StreamWeaver’s plug-and-play platform connects the entire matrix with guaranteed data delivery, real-time throttling, high-availability options and enterprise-grade security.


But when it comes to saving money, it’s also about flexibility. Eventually, every organization recognizes tool sprawl and the need to rationalize and consolidate to optimize spend. It’s especially true whenever an organization is asked to cut costs. With StreamWeaver: 

  • Easily swap in and out tools without having to re-write hardcoded integrations 
  • Onboard new tools faster and more reliably  by duplicating data that allows new and old tools to co-exist during deployment 

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